About EventPiazza

EventPiazza create uniquely, effective and stimulating environments that serve as a platform that connects event vendors to customers and enhance their relationship and experience.

We are number one Nigeria’s leading event marketplace that brings all events providers together to enable customers derive the best quote on their occasion including wedding planner,caterer, decorator, make up artist ,Wedding dresses ,Aso ebi,Photography and all forms of event accessories.

Right across our Group, our team is committed to provide our clients with bold, fresh, creative, professional and honest answers to your event needs. We are a unique and exciting business and we look forward to working with you.

Working with Eventpiazza couldn’t be simpler. Through one initial point of contact you gain access to an extensive range of event services divisions. Whether you need an award winning caterer, breathtaking entertainment or a venue guaranteed to make guests’ jaws drop, you are in capable hands with us.