We all know how important paying attention to details is in
planning a successful event, it is therefore imperative for you
to work with a decorator that has an eye for details. At Event
Glamours we specialize in ‘minding’ the little details which is
evident in our creation of bespoke and exclusive. decorations for your event. We will remake your otherwise ordinary event
halls’ into a beautiful haven of creativity
We assist our individual and corporate clients to transform
their event ideas into practical realities. We do understand that
not all event owners would have the luxury of time or the
expertise required for creating a successful event. From
corporate meetings to wedding receptions, bridal showers,
house warming, birthday ceremonies, Event Glamours is better
equipped at taking the planning task off your shoulders by
assisting you with budget creation & control, vendor sourcing
and management, pre-event and onsite event coordination and
many more at an affordable charge or percentage of your total
Event Glamours has an array of proven professional event
vendors who would guarantee delivery beyond your
expectations while staying within reasonable budgetary limits.
We would assist you with liaising with them as well as
managing vendors’ services in any of the following areas:
Catering/olopo, Small Chops, Drinks/Cocktail, Photography,
Videography, Cakes & Desserts, Make-over, Ushering, etc.


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